Travel Tips for Tunisia: 10 Essential Tips for Your First Visit

Travel Tips for Tunisia: 10 Essential Tips for Your First Visit

Are you traveling to Tunisia for the first time? These essential Tunisia travel tips are sure to help your trip go smoothly.

Having plenty of friends, family, and even colleagues come and visit me in Tunisia, I have had plenty of experience in preparing them for their arrival. Tunisia is a destination not frequented by English speaking foreigners, and to be honest it is much better to visit Tunis on a tour, or with a local unless you are conversational in french.

One of the biggest question ” Is Tunisia safe to travel to?” The answer is YES!

I am also covering some of the more drab things in this guide, such as how to navigate through the different forms of transportation, money tips, and even where to find your sim card. These tips will help your first trip to Tunisia be worry-free!

Do I need a Visa for Visiting from the US or the UK?

If you are traveling with a UK or US passport you are able to visit Tunisia without a visa for up to three months.

Can I exchange money before arriving to Tunisia?

Tunisia’s currency is the Tunisian dinar. You are unable to exchange the dinar outside of Tunisia. You will need to exchange your cash when you arrive at an airport in Tunisia or with your hotel. Most places do not accept credit cards. Make sure you have enough cash at hand at all times.

Is there uber in Tunisia?

There is no uber in Tunisia. The best way to get around is to rent your own car. If you can not rent a car, a taxi is the best option.

What is the exchange rate in Tunisia? 

You can find the current exchange rate here.

Is Tunisia safe?

Yes, Tunisia is a generally safe place. Like anywhere you travel always take precautionary measures (i.e. do not wander the streets alone at 3 am, watch your bags for pickpocketing).

What languages are spoken in Tunisia?

Tunisians generally speak Tunisian-Arabic as their first language, French as their second language, and English is their third language

How much, When and Who should I tip in Tunisia?

Tipping does not work the same way in Tunisia as the U.S. When you tip someone it is not based on a percentage of the final bill. These are some general guidelines. For a waiter at a nicer restaurant, you would tip between 5-10 dinars. A waiter at coffee shop 1-2 dinars. For a bellman or room service, you would tip between 1-5 dinars. For taxi drivers, I would tip between one to two dinars if they help me with any luggage.

Is there Airbnb in Tunisia?

Yes, there is Airbnb in Tunisia. You can find oceanfront apartments for 40-60 dollars a night. You can find out what areas to stay in here

Where can I get a Sim card in Tunisia? 

The two cell phone providers I recommend in Tunisia are Ooredoo and Orange. Sim cards are a pay as you go in Tunisia. I would recommend going for the 5GB for around 15 dinars if you are staying for a week. All their data options are valid for thirty days.

What should I wear while visiting Tunisia?

You can wear anything you really like. A rule of thumb is to dress more modestly so you can blend more easily with the crowd.

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