Tunisia’s Best Beaches

Tunisia’s Best Beaches

Tunisia’s best beaches promise its visitors an infinite blue sky with a hot golden sun. You can feel the warm sand between your toes and serene water that allows you to spend hours on end swimming. If you are wondering what the sea is like in Tunisia, it will depend on the time of year you are visiting. June to September is the best period for swimming on the best beaches in Tunisia. The water will generally be shallow, warm, and calm. The seawater will alternate in colors of light blue, dark blue, and turquoise. These beaches are typically free of sea creatures, making it easier to swim worry-free. If you come during the off-season months, you can get some days of clear water, and calm sea, but most of the time the sea will be rough and dark in color. 

The best time of the day to swim during the summer months is in starting from 10 AM all the way to 4 PM. In the late afternoon, the winds tend to pick and the water becomes wavier. While it is hard to swim when the sun is at its’ peak, you should protect your skin and limit your exposure to the strong UV rays between 12 PM and 3 PM.

Where Tunisia’s best beaches?

You can find the beaches in any of Tunisia’s coastal cities. However, some beaches are better than others. Below I have compiled the cities in Tunisia with the best beaches. 

1- Djerba Beaches

Djerba is an enchanting island off the southern coast of Tunisia. The beaches of Djerba are some of Tunisia’s best beaches, as well as in the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, the majority of Djerba Tourism is from its pristine beaches. During the summer months, you can expect warm weather, strong sun, and a calm sea with warm water. The color of the water is crystal clear blue and turquoise. There are three beaches you must visit while you are in Djerba. 

Djerba Beach Tunisia's best beaches
Djerba Beach

Sidi Mehrez

Sidi Mehrez has the best beaches I have seen in the word. If you are going to Djerba, you must at least try to swim in the beach located between Hotel Telemaque and Villa Azur. This beach is best for swimming due to its calm shallow waters. On a warm summer day, I recommend you go in the morning starting from 10 AM and have lunch there if you can. Additionally, it has some of the finest sand you will ever see.

Sidi Yati

Sidi Yati is a long of shore with a variety of beaches. I recommend swimming on the stretch between Hotel Meridiana and Club Calimera Yati Beach. This beach is best for swimming.

Sidi Jmour

Sidi Jmours beach is rockier with stagnant water and little to no waves. While I would not recommend swimming here, Sidi Jmour is a must-stop for watching the sunset. This beach is traditionally where older Djerbians go swimming due to its still waters.

2- Hammamet Beach

Just two hours from Tunisia in the south-eastern section of the Cap Bon, Hammamet beaches offer a peaceful retreat. The powdered white soft sand and crystal clear water provide the conditions for a perfect swim. The sea is calm and there are minimal waves. After a day of swimming, you can adventure out to the Medina of Hammamet or take a walk alongside the marina. The beach I like the most is the between Hotel La Badira and the Radisson Blu Hammamet.

Hammamet Beach-Tunisia's Best Beach
Hammamet Beach

3- Mahdia Beach

Mahdia – the well guided – was once an ancient Carthaginian outpost. Today Mahdia is a coastal city famous for its white-sand beaches and clear turquoise water. After spending time at one of the best beaches in Tunisia, you might want to check out Mahdia’s old town or Boughibas Mausoleum in Monastir – another coastal city 1 hour away from Mahdia.

Mahdia, Tunisia's Best Beaches
Mahdia Beach Tunisia

4-Kelibia Beach

Kelibia is a coastal city on the Cap Bon Peninsula. It has some of the most pristine beaches in the Mediterranean. Kelibia beaches are predominantly occupied by locals during the months of July and August. Kelibia does not offer any quality hotel I am aware of. You might find some Airbnbs around. I would not recommend spending your entire stay there. However, if you are in Tunis or close to the Cap Bon area, I would recommend making a day trip to Kelibia.

 Kelibia beach Tunisia
Kelibia Beach

5- Tunis Beaches

Tunis is the capital city of Tunisia. While its beaches are not as good as the one mentioned above it still has some beaches you can take a swim in. The water is typically waiver than other cities and is often crowded by locals. Below are some of the best beaches in Tunis.

La Marsa Beach
Gammarth Beach Tunis

La Marsa

La Marsa is a seaside town known for its colonial french houses as well as its corniche. There are plenty of restaurants and boutiques as well as a beach for swimming.


Up the hill from La Marsa is Gammarth. Gammarth is known for its luxurious resorts and spas. It also has a beach for swimming. You will also find mainly locals swimming there.

Sidi Bou Said 

Sidi Bou Said is a charming picturesque hillside village located about ten minutes from Carthage. On the bottom of the hill, there is a marina and a beach where you can swim in.

6- Ghar el Melh Beach

Located in the Bizerte Governorate, this former Phoenician colony is now lined up with seaside shacks selling fish and food while you swim for the day. You will be taken by boat to the beachside shack of your choice, (there are several you can choose from) where you will spend your day swimming, tanning, and eating.

Ghar el Melh Tunisia Best Beaches
Ghar el Melh Beach

Tunisia has some of the best beaches in the world and in the Mediterranean. If you love white sand, crystal clear water, and blue skies Tunisia’s best beaches are worth your time.

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